What is an escape room?

Escape-room (escape room) is an unusual kind of entertainment, which is an exciting game, the action of which takes place in a specially equipped room. The team taking part in the quest must, within a specified period of time, find the way out of the room, solving various puzzles and intricate puzzles. This type of leisure is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of thrill, people who enjoy extreme situations.

This entertainment is also called a classic quest. Participants can give preference to any theme of the game: whether it is running away from a maniac, guessing a detective story or finding a way out of a psychiatric clinic. Depending on what genre you have chosen, such effects will be accompanied by the whole quest: strange sounds, horror-inspiring interior items, sudden clashes with bloodthirsty characters in the game and much more. The only task of the team - as soon as possible to escape from a frightening place - does not seem so easy to achieve, because at any time from around the corner may appear a mad scientist with a great desire to conduct another experiment!

To get closer to the intriguing quest, to plunge into its unique atmosphere, you can use one of the "pioneers" in this area - NOGAME (quest room in Riga). Having visited NOGAME, you will have an opportunity to show your abilities in the process of passing interesting tasks: searching for keys, without which you can not get freedom, get out of the web of sinister puzzles.

Escape rooms in Riga offer four types of dizzying games to your taste, and for companies wishing to book an individual event, there is such a unique attraction as the Quest Magic cube NOGAME. Participation in team games of different difficulty levels is a great way to feel the spirit of adventure!